Zayn Malik Engaged: How He Proposed To Perrie Edwards


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Perrie walked the red carpet at One Direction’s ‘This Is Us’ film premiere on Aug. 20, wearing a huge diamond ring on her ring finger. Hours after they walked the carpet, One Direction’s rep confirmed to that Zayn and Perrie ARE engaged! Zayn reportedly got down on one knee and proposed to the Little Mix singer during a quiet weekend when they were ‘alone together’. Keep reading for all the romantic details!

Zayn Malik, 20, and Perrie Edwards, 20, walked the red carpet in London Leicester Square for the One Direction: This Is Us movie premiere on Aug. 20. While the guys certainly looked super hot — obviously — all eyes were on Perrie as she was seen wearing a big shiny diamond on her left ring finger! So how did the One Direction-er propose? A new report sheds some light on all the romantic details

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…Wednesday!! or ‘hump  day’ as my chem teacher would call it – yeah I know pretty weird, But who says we have to be normal? I was at the airport, patiently waiting for my Grandparents to arrive. We, me and the family, had gotten there exactly on time, which was early as the flight had gotten delayed! Instead of 7:25 pm, they would now be arriving at 8:18 pm. It was a drag, as my patience time span is about a minute. The hands of time turned, very slowly, and it was 8:40 pm and they were still not here. Oh the horrible waiting! By the time they arrived I was so exhausted and had the immense need to pee. It was also 10:00 pm, and my brain was going crazy as after that I had to go my uncles house because even after the waiting my Grandparents were going to stay at my uncle’s house. I get that he is older than my mom, but he is also an asshole. He is mean, lazy, and a complete show off- like we know you ain’t rich! Personally he’s not mean to me, he is just annoying cause he is the perfect example of misogyny in a common household. Unfortunately, for him, he snatched my book, the one I was at the time reading, out of my hand, and made me so extremely angry that I’m here writing this now. While I was waiting for my Mother and Father to finish talking I had to fight my tremendous need to ask my grannie if she brought anything for me, since I knew she did, because she had traveled a lot and it would rude, I guess. Oh but my parents told me that both of Grandparents were coming today, and so is the stuff they brought for me. My excitement truly cannot be controlled. Well soon my Gram and Gran visited and left me my stuff yay!! The excitement of that day was not to be contained.

Okay soo 2 weeks ago, the time where these events are taking place, on a friday Soph and I took a shortcut through some tall bushes. Little did I know that it was no longer a bunch of bushes, a full-fledged miniature forest. As we wandered further into the unknown, Soph saw a spider. I, being the carrier of the arachnophobia that I am, started screaming and would not walk any further. Eventually I did go further, but the image of the spider was forever imbedded in my mind.

Last week, there was a veneration that I went to and I had worn a Sari, and not to brag but I think I looked DAMNNN hott. I know because this girl named Poorie was jealous to the point where it was unbearable to her, there was literarily smoke coming out of her ears.

Well for the past week My Grannie and Grams are staying with us. I get that they are old but the amount of fucks my granie does not give about me is too much. She always yells at me like WTF!! You are not my mother..LEAVEE!! I help her, but when I want to show her my achievements, music videos and movies that I made, she’s all like; “nope tommorrow amber”. She only cares about my other cousins – Cause they are males. I hate the taste of Misogyny that has stained my tongue. It makes my heart hurt to imagine how the the women who live in all sexist households survive- the ones where the girls marry at 17! I wish to change that, and I will eventually- You just watch.




When one looks at this picture/ quotation one sees liberation, yet with orthodox tradition. One will not clue into the hidden message being given to an individual’s subconscious. The message is to gently put a woman back in her place by implying that all women can do it but since men, somehow of more superiority since they can command a woman, should do it because that would be the ‘right’ thing to do. How about men doing household chores, or at least attempting to, when a women is doing them all by herself. But nope women can only not do it by themselves is if it involves strength, wit, power, and intelligence. However I am not saying that this is exactly what this picture or quotation is saying, I am only saying that most of society would get a subconscious message much-like this one.


Mondays!  Ah possibly the laziest of all the days in the entire week. However this monday I was not the slightest bit lazy, on the contrary I was raging with excitement at my lack of work done over the previous few days. A tad bit strange, I know! the day was a blur as I had an essay test, on which did rather very well, despite that the whole lot of the second and third paragraphs were utter nonsense poured divinely onto the paper. I also got another assignment back -My previous blog entries for “Night”, and to my surprise I got a mark that makes me rethink my ‘List things I suck at’. Unfortunately, the happy times did not last, like they ever last. When the rain first started, I was was watching indian soap opera love scenes, yup again! At first I did not occur to me that it is of significance, but then my Father called to inform me of a flood in Etobicoke and how he is stuck. Horror crept up my veins, as I had watched too many Natural disaster movies and was sure that my life would untimely end. I rushed to get the essential survival tools; Rope, Flashight, Food, Water, and Warm Clothes. Essentially I am smart enough, I know I’m a bit of a show off, and turned on the radio news channel. Depsite my effort to calm my raising pulse the radio announced that this was the amount of rain that had fallen during Hurricane Hazel (1950). There went flowing my crule imagination to the place in which I do not survive or some twisted plot like that. How can this happen? I do not want to lose all my stuff ! As the monstrous weather was playing its wicked tricks on us humans, I, an individual, was writing my cause and effect essay, which ultimately scored a 90%. Although the weather may have made me terrified if I were ever caught in it, It did wonders for my writing ! Near to the end of the weather, and day for that matter, I started calming down and giving in to my mind’s ‘Stay calm’ hormone. 

As the days went by I only made eye contact with matt twice. Despite my efforts we have not a love connection and i have feeling it is because of my lack beauty. To my ill fortune, a guy, whom I know for 9 years and whose name is kory, will not leave me alone. We – sophia, me and him, carpool in the mornings and the latter carpool after school. That means I have the bad luck of seeing him twice a day, but he then decides he wants to come and ruin my only time I have with Sophia. I think that should be enough for my rant. Well I do wish to rant more as there should be no limit to being able to express ones own feelings, be it in a loving way or an angry way. 

– Miissawkkward 






On the first day of my summer school I had been hoping that my friend sophie would be in my class. And secretly I was also hoping for this really cute guy, that I somehow knew took english, to also be in my class. However as fate would have it, I was not in there class, and Yes they were in the same class. so now I was stuck in a class all alone but as my new outgoing self I said hi to this one girl and we quickly became friends- just small talk though. I could not take my agony as I was hoping that matt, the really cute guy I mentioned earlier, would somehow see me in summer school and fall in love with me. Also to my despair there was tons of work to do in summer school, but I enjoy english, so it was not that bad. 

So as the days went on, I adjusted and realized I was better off without the distractions as I truly needed to get a 97% on this course. I did my work and made eye contact with matt a couple of times. Unfortunately we are not in love yet.  Maybe it is because of my visible awkwardness.  

So the weekend rolled in and I started getting distracted by need to be in love. So there went my entire weekend ; watching indian, yes legit indian hindi soap operas, love scenes from older soap operas (Dmg,Mjht, and kmh). I truly question my living in canada. In the true sense I am being honest, yet a complete fob. But who is to say that ? Only me, as I have not let this secret slip.  Also why should I give into the pressures of society and love anyways? I’m me and I can love whenever I want to! In your face society ! 



Reading log 6 -“Night”

There are many parts of the book that I liked. These moments touched my heart immensely. Some even gave me goosebumps. Especially the part in the book where a fellow worker, a little girl, comforts Eliezer when he is the victim of Idek’s fury. After he meets her, unplanned, at a metro in Paris, much later, she tells him that she saved him because she trusted him. This tells me how small our vast world really is. It also helps me understand why we meet the people we do. It’s not just a coincidence, there is a purpose for everybody we encounter. It helps me realize that one should never take anyone for granted as they are meant to give you the greatest of all gifts; a lesson, be it in a good way or bad.

There were also parts in this book with made me very angry. I disliked these parts and reading them made me hate the author for even having the audacity to add them. There were a few parts that pulled me to boiling point. However, it was mostly the part in the book where Eliezer starts to feel as if his father is a burden and thinks it would be better if he died, or got ‘lost.’ At times Eliezer even had the nerve to want to leave his father to die. I do understand that he did not always have the best relationship with his father, many people do not,  but it does not mean that they wish their fathers’ die and are burdens to them. Although I understand that he did feel guilty and he did care for his father till the end, the seriousness in his tone while he was thinking/ saying those horrible things blew me away. After that I tried identifying with him, but with hesitance since I did not want to identify, in my opinion, with a monster.

Some questions I have about the book are ‘ Why did the Jewish people turn into animalistic beings?’ and ‘Did they not realize that they were turning into a form of Hitler himself, as they committed these inhumane acts ?’